TOP 10 Things to Bring on a Trip to Singapore

Unsure of what to pack on your trip to Singapore? These things will come in handy.

TOP 1 Portable Wi-Fi Device

Internet connectivity has become one of the bare necessities in today’s world. Get a portable Wi-Fi device to stay connected with family and friends at all times without paying a hefty sum for roaming. What’s more, the cost of renting such a device is even lower when it is shared among travel companions.


TOP 2 Umbrella

Most of the time, the weather in Singapore is either very hot or rainy, and there’s no telling when sunny sky will suddenly darken with gloomy clouds. Even weather forecasts may be inaccurate at times. That makes the umbrella very useful as it is a handy tool be it rain or shine. Keep a small compact umbrella in your backpack so that you can use it to ward off the heat from the scorching sun and get to another destination in the pouring rain.


TOP 3  Hats and Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses are of utmost importance in sunny Singapore if you are heading outdoors. In addition to protecting you from sunburn, you can also look stylish in them, so why not?


TOP 4 Water Bottle

Bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, especially when the weather is unbearably hot. It is not uncommon to find water coolers in public places so you can fill up your water bottles when you see one!


TOP 5 Laundry Bag

With the exception of laundromats (coin-operated washing machines), laundry services can be rather expensive in Singapore. If you are on a budget, it’ll be handy to pack a laundry bag with you so that you can segregate the dirty and clean clothes and wash the dirty laundry once you get home. 


TOP 6  Power Bank

What’s the use of mobile phones and cameras if they run out of battery? If you’re planning on spending the whole day out, for example at Sentosa Island or the MacRitchie Nature Trail, it is advisable to bring a portable power bank with you. You wouldn’t want your phone to run out of battery before you could capture that beautiful sunset!


TOP 7 Mosquito Repellent

If you are visiting areas that are less urbanized or has more greenery, such as Pulau Ubin or a nature trail, you would be thankful that you brought along mosquito repellent to ward off the persistent mosquitoes and be spared from the discomfort of mosquito bites. With a significant number of dengue cases in Singapore, it is better to be safe than sorry.


TOP 8  Travel Daypack

A small daypack makes getting around Singapore much more convenient. Tuck all the necessities such as wallet, water bottle, umbrella and power bank into the bag so that you will always have them with you when you need them and your hands will be free to take photos. 


TOP 9 Luggage Locks

Though Singapore is a relatively safe place, having a set of luggage locks for your suitcase will help keep your suitcase secure (assuming it doesn’t have a built-in locking system) and give you a peace of mind. This is especially important if there are no safeboxes in the hotel and you wish to leave some important things in the room such as your passport and cash.


TOP 10  Swim Wear

Lastly, be sure to pack your swim wear so you don’t miss out on that sparkling swimming pool in your hotel or having some fun getting wet at the beach! 


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