TOP 10 Food Souvenirs To Buy In Singapore

Looking to bring a slice of Singapore cuisine home? Don’t miss out on these food souvenirs on your trip to Singapore!

TOP 1 Bak Kwa (barbecued sliced pork)

Bak Kwa is a local snack that’s immensely popular among Singaporean Chinese, especially during Chinese New Year. This snack is sold all year around and there are many reputable brands that have perfected the recipe. Pork is minced and marinated before being grilled over charcoal, attracting people with that irresistible smell as they pass by bak kwa stores. Bak kwa comes in different shapes, with the most common one being square pieces. If you prefer a smaller bite, you can opt for the coin bak kwa (bak kwa in the shape and size of coins).

Where to get it: Lim Chee Guan, Bee Cheng Hiang, Fragrance


TOP 2 Kaya Spread

Kaya is the delicious spread used in kaya toast which is made from eggs, coconut milk, sugar and pandan leaves. The humble kaya can make or break a kaya toast. If you have enjoyed having kaya toast here in Singapore, the best way to replicate it is to get yourself a jar or two and spread it onto freshly toasted bread. Coupled with sliced butter, you’ll be starting off your day with delicious kaya toast wherever you are.

Where to get it: Ya Kun, Bengawan Solo, Breadtalk


TOP 3 Ayam Brand Canned Products

Ayam Brand is a household name that is widely popular in Singapore and Malaysia. They started off with canned sardines which became a big hit, and they have since expanded their product offerings to include many other items such as tuna flakes, tuna spread, baked beans, corn and Asian-styled products such as black bean mackerel, spicy lime sardines, and even curry pastes such as nyonya curry paste, red curry paste and laksa paste.

Where to get it: all major supermarkets


TOP 4 Bengawan Solo Cookies and Cakes

The beautiful boxes filled with fragrant cookies are almost sure to please anyone! Besides cookies, you can also grab Bengawan Solo’s other signature products such as traditional sweets and pandan cakes.

Where to get it: Bengawan Solo’s many outlets islandwide (airport and most shopping malls)


TOP 5  Irvins Salted Egg Snacks

Despite being a young local brand, Irvins has seen its popularity soar with long queues forming at its outlets and the snacks being sold out despite limits being imposed on the number of bags of snack each person in the queue can buy. It is most famous for its salted egg fish skin and potato chips, both of which boast a perfect balance of the umami taste from the salted egg yolk, the fragrance from the curry leaves, the spiciness from the chilli padi and a hint of sweetness to even out the flavour. Irvins claims that its snacks are dangerously addictive. Grab some to find out if it holds true for you!

Where to get it: Irvins salted egg outlets at main shopping malls and almost all Changi Airport terminals


TOP 6 Muruku Ikan (Fish Cracker)

A childhood snack that many Singaporeans reminisce, muruku ikan is a savoury fish cracker snack that comes in small bite-sized pieces. Be careful as you munch on the pieces. It is so addictive that one packet is never enough!

Where to get it: all major supermarkets


TOP 7 Singapore Instant Noodles

Prima Taste’s instant noodles aren’t just any standard instant noodles. The quality of the noodles almost matches those in restaurants, and the seasoning packets contain real sauces instead of just powdered seasonings loaded with monosodium glutamate. On top of that, powdered coconut milk comes in another sachet to further enhance the flavour. The laksa la mian (laksa noodles) is the most popular flavour that’s enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. There are also other authentic Singapore flavours such as curry, fish soup, prawn soup, chilli crab and black pepper crab. Healthier options such as wholegrain noodles are also available.

Where to get it: all major supermarkets



TWG is chock full of tea of the finest quality in elegant packaging. The celebration tea is a special flower tea where the round bud opens up to reveal a white flower swimming in the hot water. The eternal summer tea is praised for its sweet summer rose blossoms notes coupled with raw berries and a hint of ripe Tuscan peaches. This is sure to put a smile on the face of your family and friends who are more health-conscious and shun snacks!

Where to get it: TWG stores at Marina Bay Sands, ION Orchard, Central Business District and all Changi Airport terminals


TOP 9 Janice Wong’s Sweets

Head to Janice Wong for a range of artistic-looking chocolates doused in creative flair. These chocolates are not just good-looking, they have interesting flavours too. Chilli padi, gula melaka pandan, mango curry and kaffir lime caramel are just a handful of flavours you can choose for your box of chocolates. There are also other more mainstream flavours such as salted caramel, yuzu and strawberry shortbread.

Where to get it: Janice Wong outlets at National Museum Singapore, Paragon, Raffles City Shopping Centre and Holland Village


TOP 10 Singapore Instant Pre-mixes

Enjoyed that steaming hot bowl of bak kut teh? Here’s your chance to bring it home! These premix packets allow you to replicate the local dishes rather effortlessly so you will get to enjoy these dishes at your convenience in no time. The range of instant pre-mixes found in supermarkets is very extensive, with dishes such as chilli crab, cereal prawn, chicken rice, laksa, rendang and many more.


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