What does the “ranking”, “rating” or “award” tag for each article signify? ▼

It refers to the type of article, “ranking”, “rating” or “award”, it belongs to.

What is an “award” article?▼

Articles that are ranked based on numerical data for each theme.

What is TOP 10?▼

It is a website where we introduce things and matters around you to you by ranking them from the first place to the tenth place.

Are there any charges or fees payable for browsing the website?▼

No. Everything can be read free-of-charge.

Is membership registration required to access the website contents?▼

No. All the information on our website can be accessed without membership registration.

Will the articles be updated?▼

We plan to update the information in the articles as well as the article categories as and when required.

Can we suggest items or matters to be ranked?▼

Yes, it is possible. We will be accepting requests through our “Enquires” page so if you have any suggestions or areas which you are interested in, please feel free to contact us through our website.