TOP 10 Supermarkets in Singapore

From big supermarket chains to specialty supermarkets, let’s take a look at some of the best places to do your grocery shopping in Singapore!

TOP 1 NTUC FairPrice

NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd is Singapore’s largest grocery retailer with 230 outlets islandwide, with different retail formats comprising FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Xpress and Cheers convenience stores. The regular FairPrice supermarkets have all of the usual range of groceries such as fresh and frozen food items, household products and health and beauty products. FairPrice Finest has a product range that is more upmarket such as gourmet meats, wines and a wider range of imported cheeses. FairPrice Xtra is akin to a hypermarket where you can find electronic appliances, toys for baby and children, household items and more on top of the usual grocery items, and is the largest among the retail formats. FairPrice Xpress and Cheers take on the format of convenience stores and are commonly found at MRT Stations and petrol kiosks.


TOP 2 Sheng Siong

Since their inception in 1985 as a small provision shop, Sheng Siong has since grown into a supermarket chain with over 60 outlets islandwide. Most of its stores are located in the heartlands close to residential areas and are opened 24 hours to cater to customers at all times. With the “All for you” slogan, Sheng Siong prides itself in providing quality goods at competitive prices. The supermarkets are well-stocked with all of the essential items. Fresh seafood, different cuts of pork and vegetables are replenished every morning, and you can choose your preferred cut of seafood and pork much like the wet market. Sheng Siong has also developed many house brands which offer value for money products such as Happy Family, Tasty Bites, Heritage Farm and Softess.


TOP 3 Cold Storage

Started out as a small cold store selling fresh, quality meats and dairy products in 1903, Cold Storage has since expanded to become a gourmet supermarket chain under the Dairy Farm Group. Currently, it operates under 3 brands – Cold Storage, Market Place and Jasons, and has 53 stores islandwide. At these stores, you can find a larger selection of artisan food and wines, and an exclusive range of products from all over the world compared to a regular supermarket. It strives to be a pioneer in premium supermarkets and to always offer consumers with the freshest, quality range from around the world.


TOP 4 Giant

Giant Supermarket is operated under the Dairy Farm Group and has several outlets islandwide in the format of supermarket, hypermarket and express. You can expect a wide variety of products especially in Giant hypermarket, with all types of food, international selections, maternity and baby products, household products, electronics, kitchen appliances, toys, stationery, outdoor and sports equipment, pets products and even car products. Consumers can take advantage of the rotating promotions and seasonal specials to enjoy greater savings.


TOP 5 HAO Mart

HAO mart is a chain of convenience stores and supermarkets in Singapore operated under the HAO Corp which was established only in 2016. In the short span of a few years, it has expanded rapidly and now has 45 outlets islandwide comprising different retail concepts. HAO marts are regular mini marts cum supermarkets that operate mostly in the heartlands. Eccellente by HAO mart carries more higher end product offerings such as imported wines and gourmet meat, and has in-store bakery and fresh seafood. HAO megamart is a hypermarket with more than 30,000 different products ranging from groceries to electronics and other consumer goods. HAO Halal Hub caters to the Muslim community with unique product offerings sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea, while Paradiso by HAO is a halal concept space with a halal mart, food and beverage options and an events hall. With targeted concepts and unique offerings, HAO mart looks poised to expand even further in Singapore.


TOP 6 Prime

Prime Supermarket was established in 1984 in the form of minimarts. It has since expanded to full-fledged supermarkets with 25 outlets islandwide. Most of the stores are situated in the heartlands and are opened 24 hours to cater to consumers. Prime strives to provide fresh products at reasonable prices with friendly service to achieve its slogan of “Everything Fresh, Everyday Prime!”. It is also actively developing and promoting its house brand, Prime Choice, to offer consumers a greater range of value for money products.


TOP 7 Mustafa

Mustafa Centre is a 24-hour one-stop shopping destination at Little India. It is conveniently located at one of the exits of Farrer Park MRT Station, making it highly accessible and easy to locate for tourists. Its 6-storey compound holds a vast range of products from groceries to electronics, health and beauty products and other things for your daily needs, making it vastly popular among both locals and tourists. The supermarket section carries an enormous range of products, including many that you might not find in other supermarkets. Some of these unique offerings include fresh vegetables from India, frozen food products from India such as paneer, a vast range of Indian spices and Middle-eastern spices, many varieties of rice grains from different countries and many more. Get ready to be mesmerized by the offerings here!


TOP 8 Don Don Donki

Fans of Japanese products rejoiced when Don Don Donki first set foot in Singapore in December 2017. Since then, Don Don Donki’s popularity has not waned and it continued to expand rapidly. It now has a total of 8 outlets islandwide, with the flagship store at Orchard Central being the biggest. As you step into the store, a huge variety of Japanese goods spanning fresh, chilled and frozen foods, household products, health and beauty products and more will be calling out to you. It is hard to resist the food items as they are of good quality and are priced affordably. Packed food that are hot off the stove and chilled desserts are also among the mouthwatering offerings in Don Don Donki along with Japanese food kiosks such as the famed baked sweet potatoes that attract long queues throughout the day.


TOP 9 Isetan

Isetan was the first Japanese departmental store to land in Singapore, having opened Isetan Havelock in 1972. Isetan Havelock has since moved to Shaw House at Orchard Road, and expanded to a full-fledged departmental store with a Japanese supermarket and various other retail products. The Japanese supermarket at the basement is teeming with all sorts Japanese goods including fresh fruits and vegetables from Japan, different cuts and varieties of meat from Japan, US and Australia, frozen and chilled goods, alcoholic beverages and even household products from Japan. Japan food fairs are occasionally held where shoppers have a chance to taste authentic Japanese food. There are also several counters outside the supermarket which sells food products directly imported from Japan such as Chateraise and several bakeries.


TOP 10 Koryo Mart

Koryo Mart prides itself as the best Korean food supplier in Singapore. It has a chain of 8 stores operating under the names Koryo Mart and K-Market islandwide. Over here, you will be able to get your hands on all you need to whip up that authentic Korean meal. Chilled and frozen food, dry food, sauces, snacks, beverages and more are shipped directly from Korea to ensure quality and freshness. Household products such as shampoo and fabric softeners are also available.



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