TOP 10 Fast Food Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore’s unceasing love for fast food can be seen in the multitude of fast food restaurants all around. Which one is your favourite?

TOP 1 McDonald’s

McDonald’s is indisputably the most popular fast food restaurant in Singapore with more than 130 outlets islandwide. Since the opening of the first outlet here in 1979, McDonald’s has expanded rapidly and owned around 40% market share in the fast food industry currently. The timeless items on the menu such as Filet-O-Fish, McNuggets, McWings, Prosperity Burger and vanilla cone has continued to be popular among diners, alongside new items and seasonal items such as Nasi Lemak Burger and Angus Cheesecake. It’s successful foray into McCafe and one-off events such as the giving out of Limited Edition Hello Kitty Carrier and Minion Toys with the purchase of Happy Meal has also boosted its popularity.



KFC first arrived in Singapore in 1977 and has since expanded to close to 90 stores islandwide with around 13% market share. The fried chicken coated with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices remains a hot favourite with people of all generations. Other popular items have also kept diners coming back, such as the Zinger burger, Zinger double down, hot and crispy tenders and famous potato bowl. KFC periodically releases new fried chicken flavours that run for a limited time to keep diners excited, such as Nyonya Chicken (Peranakan flavours), Mala Chicken (Chinese spicy flavour) and Umakara Chicken (Japanese soy sauce and seaweed).


TOP 3 Burger King

Burger King has come a long way from just selling burgers. Apart from their signature Whopper, they have expanded their menu to include chicken and fish burgers, the delicious Croissantwich (a cross between croissant and sandwich) and even salad. New items are introduced periodically such as chicken fries, Rendang burger, Hainanese chicken burger, Mala stacker burger, taro pie and kopi siew dai (coffee less sweet) pie to keep diners on their toes. Burger King opened their 50th outlet last year and has about 4% of the fast food market share.


TOP 4 Popeyes

One of KFC’s fiercest rivals, Popeyes serves authentic Louisiana fried chicken characterized by its crispiness, juiciness and bold flavours. The chicken is marinated for at least 12 hours to lock in the moisture and flavour, resulting in pieces of truly tantalising fried chicken. Besides fried chicken, Popeyes has expanded its menu to include burgers, fried mushrooms, fried seafood such as calamari and buttermilk prawns and more, which go along well with their signature sides of mashed potatoes and biscuits.


TOP 5 Jollibee

Hailing from The Philippines, Jollibee is a strong contender in the fried chicken scene in Singapore. The signature Chickenjoy (fried chicken) is tender and flavourful and comes with a tub of sauce to go along. The meal is completed by pairing Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti, rice or other sides such as corn and mashed potatoes. Burgers are also available. Although Jollibee is a relatively new entrant who has only entered the scene in 2013, it has gained popularity with not just the Filipinos in Singapore but also the masses, and has 10 outlets to date.


TOP 6 Subway

Subway specialises in sandwiches and is viewed as a healthier alternative to other fast food chains where fried food made up a large proportion of the menu. Many of its signature sandwich combos such as Italian BMT, cold cut trio, Subway Club and Subway Melt have gained a loyal following, along with the soft-baked cookies which are also signature items in Subway. New flavours such as the ultimate cheesy garlic bread, bulgogi chicken and chunky beef steak are introduced periodically and are available for a limited period. Since setting foot in Singapore in 1996, Subway has expanded to around 50 outlets islandwide.


TOP 7 MOS Burger

MOS Burger is a Japanese fast food chain well-known for its wide variety of burgers, particularly the signature rice burgers. A unique point is that MOS Burger also offers ‘vegetable burgers’ where the bun or rice is replaced by lettuce, making it possible to do away with the carbohydrates. The extensive offerings for burgers, snacks and soups meant that there’s something for everyone. Top off the meal with a bowl of clam chowder soup, corn soup or mushroom soup, and you’ll realized fast food can actually taste homely too.


TOP 8 Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s first opened in Singapore in 1983 and has expanded to 25 outlets since. They are famous for their classic batter-coated fish and chicken pieces topped with crispy crumbs that have enticed many and turned them into regulars. The accompanying battered fries are perfect complements and are some of the better fries in fast food chains. The menu also includes a range of toasts, porridge and platters for breakfast, battered shrimp and salmon, grilled meats with rice and vegetables.


TOP 9 Texas Chicken

Texas Chicken entered the Singapore market in 2010 with its range of fried chicken, burgers, signature sides and breakfast items. Hailing from Texas, Texas Chicken focuses on serving quality fried chicken using only fresh chickens that are marinaded and fried to perfection. The creamy mashed potatoes, onion rings and honey butter biscuits are delightfully tasty on their own, and helped boost the popularity of the brand.


TOP 10 A&W

American fast food chain A&W is one of the first fast food chains to open in Singapore in 1966. It exited the Singapore market in 2003 due to stiff competition from other fast food chains, but the memories of root beer floats, curly fries, coney dogs, cheeseburgers and waffles with ice cream live on in the minds of many locals, which led to its reopening in April 2019 to much fanfare. Long queues line its first outlet at Jewel Changi Airport, and also the second outlet at Ang Mo Kio. Riding on the popularity, A&W plans to open more stores so that it will become more accessible to the masses.



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