TOP 10 Flowers that Bloom at Night

Most flowers bloom in the day, but have you seen flowers that start to open up when night falls? These flowers tend to be more fragrant than their day-blooming counterparts as they need to attract pollinators in the dark of the night.

TOP 1 Queen of the Night

The Queen of the Night is also known as the orchid cactus, and it always appear closed in the day. However, don’t be fooled as it only blooms at night and wilts when the sun rises. Specifically, the flowers will only bloom for one night so you will have to check every night to make sure that you don’t miss out on the bloom. Another way to tell when the flower has bloomed is it will leave an enchanting fragrance after it blooms.


TOP 2 Evening Primrose

The evening primrose plant produces yellow, pink or white flowers that are night bloomers. As they bloom quickly at night, you can watch out for them in the evening and treat yourself to the sight of the flowers opening before your eyes. They typically bloom from spring to summer and attracts pollinators such as butterflies and bees.


TOP 3 Moonflower

Moonflowers are commonly white with pink and blue varieties. They open quickly in the evening and close when the sunlight shines on them. The plant is a perennial, evergreen vine that grows quickly, much like morning glory. Ironically, while the flowers shun the sun, the plant prefers full sun for optimal growth.


TOP 4 Datura

Datura is also known as the devil’s trumpet as the flowers resemble trumpets. They come in shades of pink, purple, yellow, or white and are beautiful additions to a garden. However, do take note that they are highly poisonous so they should be kept away from children and pets.


TOP 5 Night Blooming Water Lilies

If you have the luxury of a small pond or water tank in your garden, the night blooming water lily is a great choice to consider. The flowers come in various colours such as white, pink and red. The majestic blooms open at dusk and will stay open throughout the night, making your garden a beautiful sight even at night.


TOP 6 Night Gladiolus

The night gladiolus is an eye-catching flower with vibrant petals that comes in shades of yellow, red, white and pink. It emits a unique scent that has a hint of spiciness to attract pollinators. The plant required full sun and regular watering. Keep it away from children and pets as it is poisonous.


TOP 7 Dragon Fruit Flowers

Dragon fruit flowers grow on the dragon fruit cactus, which is a vining cactus that has long, flattened leaves. The flowers bloom at night and they will only last for that night, so keep a lookout when the plant is maturing and the flowers are nicely formed. It emits a beautiful scent as it blooms, adding to its allure.


TOP 8 Night Phlox

Night phlox is also known as midnight candy, thanks to the sweet fragrance released by this night blooming flower. They come in many shades of colours such as white, pink, purple and maroon. Their presence makes your garden look good and smell good, and they attract pollinators such as butterflies, bees and birds to your garden.


TOP 9 Four O’ Clock

The four o’clock flowers are unique in that they not only bloom at night, they have many colours such as yellow, pink, red and magenta. It is as though the plant is an artist that mixes the colours. There can be flowers of different colours on one plant, and a single flower can have different colours too. These flowers will surely brighten up your garden!


TOP 10 Chocolate Daisy

The chocolate daisy got its name from the scent it emits, which resembles chocolates. The plant is easy to grow as they require very little water. The flowers have small bright yellow petals with a core that’s brown in colour and gives off a chocolate fragrance to attract pollinators.


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