TOP 10 Tuition Centres in Singapore

Wish to boost the academic results of your school-going kids? With more than 800 tuition centres in Singapore, there is no shortage of tuition services. The key is to find the tuition centre or tutor that suits your child the best. Here’s a look at some of the most popular tuition centres in Singapore.

TOP 1 The Learning Lab

Over the course of 18 years, The Learning Lab has established itself as one of the most premier tuition centres in Singapore with academic and enrichment programmes for students from preschool all the way to pre-tertiary levels. The subjects include English, Chinese, Math and Science. The lessons are geared towards nurturing a love for learning through fun and interactive lessons that help students to think beyond the classroom. This is backed by a team of over 50 curriculum specialists create engaging and relevant content for the classes. Beyond lessons, The Learning Lab also organizes holiday camps for students to widen their horizons. However, do bear in mind that all these programmes do not come cheap as they hire the best teachers.



TOP 2 Kent Ridge Education

Kent Ridge Education is one of the largest education chains in Singapore with over 100,000 students in almost 30 centres islandwide. Its popularity can be attributed to the wide range of programmes across different subjects which cater to kids from 18 months old to 18 years old, and the proximity of most of its centres to MRT stations or bus interchanges. The tuition programmes aim to help kids achieve their fullest potential while honing their critical thinking and problem solving skills. The tutors are professional and committed to the growth of the students.



TOP 3 Mavis Tutorial Centre

Mavis Tutorial Centre has 12 centres islandwide and is a tuition chain that has proven results in helping students improve their academic results. It employs many full time tutors that were ex-school teachers and are very experienced and dedicated in teaching, and uses its own set of curriculum where you can expect quality materials that is in line with the best pedagogies. These tutors will even conduct extra classes prior to examinations so that students can get all the help they need before the big day. Another winning point is Mavis Tutorial Centre’s fees are relatively affordable and will not cost you an arm and a leg.



TOP 4 Mind Stretcher

Mind Stretcher is an established name in the Singapore tuition scene with 19 centres islandwide. Its various programmes and workshops cater to students from pre-school to secondary school. The subject experts for English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Writing, Chinese and Gifted Education Programme (GEP) ensure that the students get all the guidance they need to excel in the subjects. Living up to their name, they seek to stretch the potential of every student to its fullest to see great improvements.



TOP 5 Aspire Hub

Aspire Hub is a tuition centre that offers both academic and life skills programmes. It is helmed by full time coaches that are fully dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals through customised programmes. A unique selling point is each student has to take a diagnostic and learning test upon admission, which will determine how the programmes will be customized for the student. The portfolio of each student is handled by a coach and the programme for each student is personalized to best suit their needs. A bonus point is Aspire Hub has 13 branches which are conveniently located at shopping malls and neighbourhood centres so you will have no problem finding your way.



TOP 6 Stag Match

Established in 2001, Stag Match is an education and training group that has both tuition centres, enrichment centres, robotics and coding centres, student care clubs and institutions for adult learning. Its tuition arm has 12 branches islandwide and focuses on helping students improve progressively in their academic results. The tutors are encouraging and caters to the needs of every student. Stag Match is also a trusted partner of Reach for the Star which offers programmes designed by Science Centre Singapore for preschool and primary students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts.



TOP 7 Oodles Learning

Oodles Learning is a tuition centre that specialises in Mathematics. They pride themselves on their proven track record of helping students improve their confidence levels and results, with most new sign ups based on referrals. The encouraging and skilful tutors are known for removing the fear of Mathematics from even those who did very badly and inculcating in them a spirit that never stops trying. With the right guidance and support, the student is motivated to try and confidence is boosted when they see improvement in their results. Oodles have published their own Mathematics series called onSponge which is developed by Mathematics specialists and contains a good selection of challenging questions with fully worked solutions for each topic to help students tackle those questions.



TOP 8 Gavin’s Tuition

Gavin’s Tuition is founded by Mr Gavin Ng with the vision to help students excel in their studies and to inculcate independent studying skills in them. Starting with the first branch in Braddell, it gained popularity quickly and has since expanded to 8 branches islandwide. The dedicated tutors strive to provide students with the utmost support and guidance in their academic journey to help them unleash their potential. The student-to-tutor ratio is low to allow each student to have sufficient attention from the tutor and hence a better learning experience.



TOP 9 The Physics Cafe 

The Physics Cafe is unlike any other tuition centre. Founded by renowned physics super tutor and ex-RJC lecturer Mr Dave Sim in 2010, it has its own lecture theatre, in-house cafe with free snacks, study rooms, digital library, scholarship programmes and shuttle bus. It specialises in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry for secondary school and junior college students, and is helmed by a team of expert tutors that are highly sought after. These tutors are ferried between the centres to conduct lessons using their in-house materials and ensure the high quality of teaching. Its strategy which focuses on developing problem solving skills has proven to be effective with 80-90% of its students achieving ‘A’s in national exams consistently.



TOP 10 Han Language Centre

Han Language Centre is a leading chain of Chinese tuition centres in Singapore with programmes for pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school students and adults. Having been established for 25 years, it has a wealth of experience and proven track record in helping learners improve their proficiency in the Chinese language. The lessons are targeted at the areas of weakness such as oral, writing or listening to increase the effectiveness of the lessons. A blend of class discussions, picture and video conversations, comprehension exercises and writing practice is help students improve holistically.




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