TOP 10 Things to Do at Home

Forced to stay at home thanks to the lockdown, or simply spending the day at home and wondering how to pass time? Apart from incessant web surfing, gaming and drowning in one drama after another, here are some things you can do to stay busy and have fun in the comfort of your home!

TOP 1 Play Board Games and Card Games 

Board games are one of the best time-killers. Go for rounds after rounds of board games such as Catan, Blokus, Saboteur and Battleship with your family or friends, and you’ll soon find that the whole afternoon has passed! If you do not have board games at home, card games can do the trick too.


TOP 2 Make Some Music

Pick up that dusty guitar and start playing that violin again. This is the time to play that instrument that you’ve always wanted to but have chucked aside due to your busy schedule. If you’re a beginner, making music is easier than you think. Learn the basics of popular instruments such as guitar and piano online, and soon you’ll be able to play a simple song. Last but not least, you can always have your own Karaoke session on YouTube!


TOP 3 Cook Up a Storm

If you’ve always wanted to try to make your favourite dish, or try out those recipes you’ve saved for future reference, now’s the time to do it. Or you can just follow one of the many chefs or home cooks on social media and get cooking. The recipes come with video demonstrations that make it easier than ever to follow. Be it pasta or bread, meat or vegetables, western or asian, baked or fried, your home will be filled with the fragrance of your cooking in no time!


TOP 4 Fix a Puzzle

Fixing a puzzle is not just good for passing time. It helps to sharpen your focus and stimulate your brain cells too. And when you’re done, you’ll have a masterpiece that you’re proud of, which could be hung at the living room or in your room. That’s killing two birds with one stone!


TOP 5 Get Busy with Art and Craft

Deck out the cards, pens, scissors and glues, and start making that beautiful handicraft. Be it a simple card, origami, paper roses, animal figurines, trees, flowers or even bracelets made from beads and string, the possibilities are endless and tutorials abound online to guide you through it. This is a good activity to do with children too. Best of all, you can send it to a friend or a loved one as a pleasant surprise!


TOP 6 Curl Up with a Good Book

Take out those self-help books you’ve been wanting to read, novels, non-fiction books, or even a good book that you want to re-read. Drown yourself in a book, and time will fly by without you knowing. To make reading more fun, you can even read out loud and act it out!


TOP 7 Construct a Lego Masterpiece

Let your imagination flourish and build that dream house of yours using lego pieces. Decide on the colour of the tiles and the roofs, the types and numbers of windows, the colour of flowers in the garden, the grand entrance to the house etc. This is an activity where both the young and old can enjoy together.


TOP 8 Put in Place a Workout Routine

It is important to stay active even if we have to stay at home. Thanks to the free online lessons by fitness gurus, we just have to take out that yoga mat, dress in workout attire, and follow along to work our body and stay fit. Doing this can help us to stay fit when we can’t go to our favourite yoga and pilates classes. It is equally important to incorporate it as a routine so that we do not lose the motivation.


TOP 9 Take Up Knitting

Knitting is 100% safe, helps you to focus your attention, trains your patience and reduces stress. The end result is something that you’ll be proud of and you can use on a daily basis. You can even use it as a surprise gift for a friend. So what’s not to love about knitting?


TOP 10 Plan Your Next Holiday

We can’t be there, but we can daydream, and we can start planning by doing some research. Go ahead and plan the routes, and read what the locals and other travellers have to say about the destinations. See what travel writers have to say, and plan your bucket list. We can’t book the tickets yet, but when the skies are clear we’ll be prepared to make the move.



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