TOP 10 Beautiful Bridges in the World

Ever saw bridges so stunning they made your jaw drop? Let’s look at some of the most beautiful bridges around the world!

TOP 1 Rialto Bridge, Italy

There are numerous bridges in Venice, but one of the most eye-catching ones is no doubt Rialto bridge. Originally built as a pontoon bridge in the 12th century, it is the oldest bridge that stands over the Grand Canal. It has been rebuilt several times throughout the years, with the current form being built between 1588 and 1591 by architects Antonio da Ponte and his nephew Antonio Contino. Renowned as an architectural and engineering wonder, it is a must-visit when you are in Venice. Standing on this bridge allows you to take stunning photos of the Grand Canal too!


TOP 2 Tower Bridge, United Kingdom

The Tower Bridge that stands over the River Thames is one of the iconic structures in London. Built between 1886 and 1894, the bridge has witnessed more than a century of civilisation and has been featured in various movies such as Sherlock Holmes. With a tall order of easing road traffic without disrupting river traffic, it was the largest and most sophisticated bascule bridge when it was completed in 1894. To this day, the giant moveable roadways continue to be an architectural wonder that’s integral to the city’s functioning. Visitors would be glad to know that the deck of the bridge is freely accessible to all.


TOP 3 Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

The Charles Bridge is an iconic bridge that has almost become a representation of Prague in postcards and photographs. The stone bridge was built between the 14th and 15th centuries to connect the Old Town and the Lesser Town in Prague. Spanning 621 metres, the bridge rests on 16 arches which allows boats to pass and makes for a picturesque view. A unique distinguishing feature of this bridge is the presence of baroque-style statues along its length. Visitors can catch a good view of the Prague Castle from the bridge.


TOP 4 Khaju Bridge, Iran

The Khaju Bridge in Iran is significant in many ways. Built in 1650 at the height of the Safavid dynasty, it is a fine example of Persian architecture with 23 beautiful arches adorned with paintings and tile works. Stretched across the Zayanderud River, it serves as both a bridge and a dam. It is also a popular place for people to hang out by the river with the pavilions and steps beneath the arches. When night falls, the lights in the interior lit up and illuminate the intricate decorations on the walls.


TOP 5 Kintai Bridge, Japan

Kintai Bridge, also known as Kintai-kyō in local dialect, is a famous historical bridge built in 1673 in the city of Iwakuni in the Yamaguchi prefecture. It lies across the Nishiki River in a series of five wooden arches supported by four stone pillars and two wooden pillars. The bridge was constructed purely from interlocking pieces of wood without the use of nails. It is incredibly popular among tourists especially during the cherry blossom season as the sight of the bridge against a backdrop of cherry blossoms is simply breathtaking. It is also an essential stop for visitors to the Iwakuni Castle as it is located at the foot of the Mount Yokoyama which houses Iwakuni Castle at the top.


TOP 6 Chengyang Yongji Bridge, China

The Chengyang Yongji Bridge is also known as Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge. Built in 1912 over the Linxi River in the Guangxi municipality, it is a covered bridge made of stone and wood and comprises five pavilions and nineteen verandahs. It is specially designed in a way to withstand weather conditions, which gives it its name. Constructed by the ethnic Dong people, no nails and rivets are used and all connections are made by interlocking pieces of wood. It remains strong and sturdy today despite constant use, which is a testament to its workmanship.


TOP 7 Dragon Bridge, Vietnam

The Dragon Bridge was opened across the Han River at Da Nang, Vietnam in 2013 in commemoration of the 38th anniversary of Da Nang city’s liberation in the Vietnam War. True to its name, a yellow steel dragon with thousands of LED lights is the most eye-catching feature of the bridge. The dragon is chosen as it is a symbol of power, nobility and good fortune according to local beliefs. At night, the LED lights up and the dragon spews fire and water high up into the sky to the wonder of countless spectators. Take your seat at one of the many riverfront bars or restaurants to catch the spectacular display of lights, water and fire!


TOP 8 Millau Viaduct, France

The Millau Viaduct is the highest bridge in the world with a height of 1,125 feet (>340 meters) at its tallest mast. Built across the River Tarn in Millau in Southern France, it is even taller than the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is one of the largest multi-span cable-stayed road bridge in Europe at 2.4km long and it forms the final link in the A75 highway from Paris to Barcelona. Helmed by structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and British architect Norman Foster, the bridge took about 3 years to construct and was opened to the public in 2004.


TOP 9 Stari Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most is also known as the Old Bridge of Mostar, and is one of the most iconic landmarks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a simple yet elegant bridge that consists of a 30-meter-wide and 24-meter-high arc flanked by two towers that control the entrances to the bridge. Standing over the Neretva River, construction began in 1557 and the bridge was completed 9 years later. The bridge is considered a masterpiece of Ottoman Turkish architecture. However, it was destroyed during the Bosnian War in 1993 and was later rebuilt and reopened in 2004. Today, it is a popular location for bridge jumping to show one’s courage.


TOP 10 Helix Bridge, Singapore

The Helix Bridge is named after its structure which is inspired by the double helix DNA structure. Besides being a refreshing addition to the myriad of attractions at Marina Bay, the pedestrian bridge serves a very practical purposes of connecting Marina Centre (where Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and ArtScience Museum are) to Marina South (where the Singapore Flyer, the Esplanade and Suntec City are). The 280m-long curved bridge has 4 viewing platforms that enable visitors to take photos and soak in the impressive views of the Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline, be it by day or by night. In the day, canopies made of fritted glass and perforated steel mesh shields you from the tropical sun. At night, the bridge is lit by LED lights which emphasises its two twisting helix tubes.



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