TOP 10 Beaches in Singapore

Want to sink your feet in soft sand and enjoy the gentle sea breeze? Head to these beaches to enjoy just that, plus some sun, sea and fun!

TOP 1 Lazarus Island

Step into Lazarus Island, where the tranquility and soft sandy beaches might make you question if you are still in Singapore. The long stretch of white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters look like they are taken straight out of a postcard. While there aren’t many facilities around, that translates to an unspoilt beach with few visitors that is the perfect getaway from the city. Take a stroll along the beach and enjoy the feeling of the waters lapping at your feet, or change into your swimming apparels and hit the waters. This is indeed a hidden gem.

How to get there: Take a boat from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island, then walk to Lazarus Island (about 10 minutes)

TOP 2 East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a park with sandy beaches that stretches along the southeastern coast of Singapore. With a scenic coastline that stretches over 15km, you can walk, jog, cycle or rollerblade by the beach while taking in the scenic view. The lookout deck at Siglap Canal (area D) and Bedok Jetty (area F) enables you to venture beyond the coastline to get a better and unobstructed view of the sunrise and sunset over the coast.

You can also check out the skate park and the cable ski park, or just sit back and relax at one of the many breakwaters or seawalls and watch the tides and the planes flying past to the nearby Changi Airport. When your stomach growls, you can savour delightful local cuisine at the East Coast Seafood Centre which houses a handful of established seafood restaurants, or hawker food at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

How to get there: take any bus to Marine Parade Road and cross the underpass


TOP 3 Changi Beach

The tranquil Changi Beach Park lies at the eastern tip of Singapore and overlooks Pulau Ubin. The lazy swaying of coconut trees and other trees by the beach together with the benches and BBQ pits exudes a certain charm that calms the senses. Read a book at one of the benches facing the sea, jog, cycle or go for a time of swimming, picnic or barbecue. Head over to the nearby Changi Village for authentic local food and enjoy the sea breeze as you dine.

How to get there: take buses 109, 19, 2, 89, or 9


TOP 4 Sisters’ Islands

Sisters’ Islands consist of two small islands in very close proximity – Big Sister’s Island (3.9 ha) and Little Sister’s Island (1.7 ha). The islands and the surrounding waters have been designated as Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, Singapore’s first marine park. There are intertidal areas on the island which will be exposed during the low tide for visitors to get a glimpse of the rich biodiversity. Sign up for free guided walks during the low tide for a chance to see exciting marine life such as the galaxy corals, hermit crabs, sea grapes (a type of algae that looks like grapes) growing on rocks, teddy bear crabs that are perfectly capable of camouflaging itself in the sand, sea cucumber, giant clams, anemone shrimps, sea slugs and many more.

How to get there: take a 40-minute boat ride from Marina South Pier


TOP 5 St John’s Island

Like Lazarus Island and Sisters’ Islands, St John’s Island is one of islands located to the south of the main island of Singapore. Located just around 6.5 km away from the main island, this hidden paradise used to house political prisoners and people undergoing drug rehabilitation, and was once a quarantine station for patients with certain contagious diseases. Today, it is a getaway spot for people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s long stretches clean beaches with clear white sand, picnic grounds and wooden tables and chairs amidst trees that shield you from the hot sun, trekking routes and gazebos make it a superb place for relaxing, picnicking, exploring the nature and taking beautiful photos, all while enjoying the soothing sea breeze. Other activities that you can do there include swimming in the tranquil beaches and lagoons, fishing and visiting the Sisters’ Island Marine Park Public Gallery.

How to get there: Take a 30-minute boat ride from Marina South Pier


TOP 6 Palawan Beach

One of the iconic beaches on Sentosa Island, Palawan Beach is characterized by the suspension bridge and watch towers which give us a bird’s eye view of Sentosa. Palawan Beach is located between Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach, and is relatively calmer and more family-friendly than the other two. You can sink your feet into the calm stretch of water or swim across the narrow stretch to the small island with the watch towers. The Palawan Pirate Ship water play park is also located nearby. Get cameras ready and snap away at the beautiful scenery!


TOP 7 Coney Island

Nature lovers would love this small island located off the northeastern coast of Singapore. Opened to the public only in late 2015, it is relatively untouched and is home to 86 tree species and over 157 animal species. The rustic island is easily accessible via Punggol and Pasir Ris, and houses the 2.4km long park connector network that links Punggol Promenade and Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6.

Look for the hidden beach which is around 2km long. With the soft sand, gentle breeze and abundance of trees, it is the perfect place to unwind. Other things to do at Coney Island include riding a bicycle along the park connector network, exploring Lorong Halus Wetlands, challenging yourself at the mini obstacle course at Casuarina Exploration, or just literally wandering off the beaten path to explore the nature.

How to get there: Take bus 84 from Punggol MRT Station


TOP 8 Punggol Beach

Located near The Punggol Settlement at the northeastern tip of mainland Singapore, Punggol Beach offers an unparalleled view of the horizon and has natural soft fine sand that caresses your feet. The characteristic rock formation that stand at the beach also distinguishes Punggol Beach from other beaches and makes it a photo worthy spot. Another plus point is it is a quiet spot. During non peak periods, you might even be able to enjoy it as a private beach.

How to get there: Take bus 84 from Punggol MRT to the last stop


TOP 9 Pasir Ris Beach

A gem of a park at the eastern part of Singapore, Pasir Ris Park doesn’t just have a beach but also multiple trails and a Mangrove Boardwalk where you can get real close to nature and look at birds in their natural habitats. The second biggest park in Singapore, the trails will bring you past pathways with trees on both sides, camping grounds, chalets, barbeque pits, playground, stables and many more. Kids will have the time of their lives at both the beach and the playground (possibly one of the largest in Singapore).

How to get there: Enter through Elias Road and Pasir Ris Green and walk towards Pasir Ris Road and Jalan Loyang Besar


TOP 10 Sembawang Park

Sembawang Beach occupies the northern shore of Singapore and faces the Straits of Johor overlooking Malaysia. Though it only spans 15 hectares, Sembawang Beach is a natural beach that’s family friendly and perfect for recreation activities such as picnic, building sandcastles, swimming and more. There is also a maritime-themed playground for children to have the time of their lives.



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